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Alina P. Halonen sharing her story of resilience and growth.

Explore a deeper connection with yourself to find inner peace.

I've been there, so I understand.

On the surface, it might appear that everything in your life is going well. Yet, internally, you might be feeling shattered, exhausted, and isolated, even in the company of others. You don’t recognize yourself anymore and yearn to regain control and feel grounded.

I specialize in working with adults who are eager to bring about lasting changes in their lives and relationships. You deserve a space where your past is acknowledged, your present self is welcomed, and your future is supported.

Working with me, you'll find that no topic is too taboo to discuss. I believe that in a safe, compassionate environment, you can courageously face difficult topics. This is where healing and letting go begin.

Is my approach the right fit for your therapeutic journey?

I collaborate with individuals who are not just curious, but also open and eager to delve into the process of self-discovery and self-improvement. It's about being ready to face challenges head-on, together.

In our journey, we'll go beyond the surface to really understand the core issues and the recurring cycles that may be holding you back. I'm here to offer you a variety of tools and strategies, not just to confront these patterns but to actively work through them.

Expect to hear me say, “What if we try a new approach this week?” I believe in taking small, manageable steps, ensuring they feel right for you. These are low-pressure, yet impactful exercises that help bridge the gap between our conversations and your daily life, guiding you steadily towards your bigger aspirations and the life you truly wish to lead.

More About Me

As a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, my expertise in trauma and addiction is not just professional but also deeply personal. Having navigated my own journey through these challenges, I bring over a decade of experience to support individuals facing similar paths. This unique blend of personal triumph and professional knowledge shapes a holistic, empathetic approach in my therapy sessions.

My history with trauma and addiction allows me to connect with your experiences on a genuine level, understanding the complexities and emotional depths that significant life changes entail. This personal connection is at the heart of my commitment to providing a compassionate, supportive environment for your healing journey.

In our work together, I offer not just therapy but a partnership, drawing from a well of both professional insights and lived experience. This combination is key to guiding you toward a life of balance, fulfillment, and recovery, illuminated by shared resilience and understanding.

Training & Certifications:

Varied Therapeutic Background: From community centers and schools to crisis units, my diverse experiences have equipped me to handle a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges.

Expertise in Crisis Intervention: My time as a counselor in domestic violence and victim support, as well as my work on a suicide prevention crisis line, has honed my skills in providing immediate, compassionate aid.

Dedicated Support for the Homeless: Engaging with the homeless community has deepened my understanding of resilience in the face of adversity.


A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor LPCC12680

Certified Addictions-Informed Mental Health Professional (CAIMHP)
Specialization in addiction-informed practices, enhancing understanding and treatment approaches for addiction-related challenges.​

Certified Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Professional (C-DBT)
Expertise in DBT, a powerful approach for helping individuals with emotional regulation and distress tolerance.


Certificate Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)
Focused training on trauma-informed care, emphasizing techniques for addressing and healing from various forms of trauma.


Certified Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist (CAGCS)
Advanced qualification in grief counseling, providing specialized support for individuals experiencing profound loss.

CANSCANS Certification
Recognized expertise in community-based mental health services, focusing on diverse and at-risk populations.


Certified in Seeking Safety
Trained in a best-practice model for helping clients attain safety from trauma and/or substance abuse.

Certified in Strength Model
From the California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions, focusing on strength-based approaches in mental health care.

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