Walk-Talk Therapy

this combined practice of talk therapy and mindful movement is offered in recognition of the healing wisdom, deep memory & resilience of this home we call a body.

What is walk-talk Therapy?

Walk-Talk is a mindfulness-based body-oriented therapy that can make it easier for clients to relax, stop ruminating, release physical tension, breathe deep, and receive mind-body insight while processing experiences in a different way. As the name describes, clients talk with me while walking outdoors rather than sitting or lying down in a therapy office. Walking side by side rather than sitting face to face enables some clients to feel more comfortable when sharing in the therapy process. Walk-Talk requires an initial intake counseling session conducted in an office or via online therapy.

How can walk-talk therapy help me?

Walk-Talk therapy offers an opportunity to reduce stress, relieve body tension, improve circulation, breathe deep and clear the body-mind of intrusive, negative, and ruminative thoughts and sensations. These sessions can help you decrease anxiety, regulate mood, enjoy more restful sleep, and more. Additionally, you can receive the feel-good brain chemical benefits of exercise, mindfulness practice, and eco-psychology. In the session, you can enhance insight, release body trauma, and alter behavior patterns while verbally processing your authentic truth.

What happens in a session?

We will meet and start to walk; perhaps in the park, along a scenic waterfront or through an expansive downtown plaza near your next meeting. Walking side by side, we'll discuss what comes to mind for you that day in the context of your overall goals, just as if we were sitting inside an office. At times we might take a few moments to stand in silent reflection, deep breathe or sit in guided visualization. If it makes sense to you, I will guide you through 3-5 gentle body stretches in response to the content of our discussion. By the end, you'll have gained some understanding, let loose a little, and noticed a helpful shift in your level of stress and anxiety. 

I am not outdoorsy. I don't hike. Won't I hate this?

It hasn't happened yet. We will meet at a location that works for you, for a duration that is as long or as short as you require. Typically, clients like to meet in parks or other urban green spaces- nothing too wild. That said, sessions down neighborhood sidewalks are just as effective. Like in all forms of psychotherapy, the verbal processing of thoughts, emotions and memories can induce uncomfortable feelings and intense emotions. If this is your experience, I'll be there.


I don't want to get sweaty. Will that be a problem?

Not for me. The movement in these sessions is easygoing, designed to facilitate the psychotherapy process. Your walk-talk experiences are created just for you, reflecting your goals, interests, and state of being at the time we meet. You'll set the pace and I'll follow your lead.

Do I have to choose between walk-talk and online therapy?

Not at all. Walk-Talk therapy requires an initial assessment session conducted via online therapy or in office. As an Awesome Life Therapy client, you are welcome to take advantage of any therapy offering that can help you move forward with your goals. When we schedule our appointments, we will discuss the type of session you would prefer. 

Can I bring my dog to our walk-talk session?

Yes, in most cases. When and where we will meet, the length of our session and your dog's personality and temperament will be considered in determining which if any sessions are appropriate for your dog to attend.

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