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Welcome to my therapy services, a sanctuary for those seeking healing from trauma, addiction, and other mental health and relationship challenges. Located in California, my expertise lies in addressing trauma and addiction, supporting individuals as they navigate the path to emotional well-being and recovery.

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Sunset in the Forest

Outdoor Walk Therapy:


Set against the serene backdrop of Beverly Hills, this innovative therapy combines physical activity with psychotherapy. Walking amidst nature not only enhances emotional well-being but also promotes mental clarity and deepens the therapeutic bond. Such sessions prioritize mental and physical health, encouraging active participation and leveraging nature's therapeutic benefits.

Integrative and Holistic Approach:


Trauma and addiction often intersect. My holistic approach acknowledges this nexus, aiming for comprehensive healing by weaving together various therapeutic modalities. Beyond mere symptom management, the holistic method nurtures the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. By incorporating techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy to body-based interventions, I support emotional healing, cultivate healthy coping mechanisms, and promote overall wellness.

Addiction Recovery Alternatives:


Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't resonate with everyone, I offer diverse therapies for addiction recovery. These range from traditional techniques like CBT and DBT to holistic interventions, all designed to equip individuals with tools for long-lasting recovery.

Complex Trauma Therapy:


Complex trauma can leave profound marks on one's life. In my therapy sessions, I offer a sanctuary where clients can safely explore and address their trauma, fostering resilience and promoting growth. I employ a rich blend of evidence-based therapeutic modalities, including CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and specialized trauma therapies like CRM, IFS, CPT, PE, TF-CBT, BET, NET, and somatic therapy. This comprehensive approach ensures that each client receives care tailored to their specific trauma symptoms and challenges. Furthermore, acknowledging the crucial mind-body connection, I incorporate techniques such as body awareness, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation to holistically support healing and well-being.

In today's demanding world, mental health should be a priority. Regardless of whether you're seeking support for yourself or a loved one, I invite you to delve into the range of services and expertise I offer. Together, let's embark on a transformative journey towards resilience, empowerment, and inner peace.



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