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Frequently asked questions

I understand that reaching out for therapy can be a significant step toward healing and growth. To assist you in getting started, I have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide you with some essential information. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Understanding Therapy & Its Benefits:

What is Therapy?

Therapy, often referred to as psychotherapy or counseling, is a collaborative process where individuals, couples, or groups engage with a trained therapist to address emotional, personal, or behavioral challenges. The end goals are to elevate well-being, sharpen coping mechanisms, and champion personal evolution.

Do I Need It?

Every person's journey is unique. However, if persistent feelings of distress, sadness, anxiety, or challenges related to life transitions, grief, or relationships plague you, therapy might be a beneficial avenue. Always consider consulting a therapist to understand if it's the right choice for your situation.

Crisis Situations - What Should I Do?

In emergencies, always prioritize your safety by calling emergency services or heading to the nearest hospital. National crisis helplines are invaluable resources for immediate assistance.

Embarking on Your Therapeutic Adventure:

How Do I Start?


Kickstart your journey by contacting me, either through a call or email. An initial consultation will be arranged to gauge your needs, aspirations, and to clarify any process-related queries.

What Can I Anticipate in the First Session?


Our maiden session will delve into your motivations for seeking therapy, your life narrative, and relevant background. This dialogue assists in crafting a bespoke treatment blueprint for you.

How Do Sessions Work?


Setting up an appointment is straightforward – reach out via phone, email, or utilize the website's contact platform. Standard sessions span 45 minutes, with session regularity adapted to your unique needs and objectives. Therapy's duration is tailored, punctuated with regular evaluations to steer its direction.

Nitty-Gritty of Sessions & Finances:

Can I Opt for Telehealth?


Absolutely! I extend Telehealth sessions via secure video conferencing, ensuring unwavering therapeutic quality, irrespective of the medium.

What's a Sliding Scale Fee?


In a bid to democratize access to therapy, I operate on a sliding scale fee system. This permits fee flexibility contingent on your financial circumstances, a topic we'll broach in our first consultation.

How Do Insurance and Payments Work?


While I refrain from direct insurance billing, I furnish superbills, facilitating potential insurance claim processes. Engage with your insurer in advance to discern coverage specifics.

Can I Use HSAs or FSAs?


Certainly. Therapy costs often qualify for HSAs or FSAs. However, acquaint yourself with your plan's stipulations to ensure seamless usage.

Confidentiality, Expertise, and Tracking Progress:

Is My Data Safe?


Unequivocally. Upholding your confidentiality is paramount. I adhere to rigorous professional and legal benchmarks to guarantee the protection of your data.

Your Therapeutic Techniques?


I am versed in a plethora of therapeutic modalities, including but not limited to cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-focused practices. Our initial dialogue will help discern the most suitable strategy for your journey.

How Do We Measure Growth?


Tracking progress is a collaborative endeavor. Regular checkpoints allow us to appraise your growth trajectory, finetuning the treatment approach in line with your evolving aspirations.

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