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About Me & My Approach

As a therapist, my personal journey profoundly shapes my approach to helping others. Having overcome my own struggles with addiction and complex trauma, I understand what it means to shift from mere survival to truly living. This transition wasn't just a recovery; it was a rebirth that inspired my decision to become a therapist. I chose this path because I deeply understand the challenges my clients face and connect with their experiences on a personal level. My own journey from darkness to light fuels my passion to support others as they navigate their paths to healing.

In our sessions, you'll be seen, acknowledged, and celebrated. Together, we'll work on healing old wounds, bolstering self-worth, and learning effective coping skills. I am committed to supporting your journey toward becoming your most authentic self. Bring your worries, bravery, insecurities, confusion, and pain – they are all welcome here.

I understand the shame and fear that often accompany the beginning of this therapeutic journey. That's why I emphasize progress over perfection. Therapy is a powerful ally if you're struggling to achieve your goals, develop and maintain rewarding relationships, or feel paralyzed by fears and worries. It also helps if you're grappling with impulsive behaviors or trapped in a cycle of behaviors or thoughts you can't break.

Therapy is a collaborative and active journey. As your therapist, I guide you through the complexities of your experiences, while you set the course for where you want to go. My role is to equip you with the skills and tools necessary for growth and independence, empowering you to become your own source of insight and change.

I specialize in working with adults eager to make lasting changes in their lives and relationships. You deserve a space where your past is acknowledged, your present self is welcomed, and your future is supported.

In our journey, we'll go beyond the surface to understand the core issues and recurring cycles that may be holding you back. Expect to hear me say, "What if we try a new approach this week?" I believe in taking small, manageable steps that feel right for you. These low-pressure, yet impactful exercises help bridge the gap between our conversations and your daily life, guiding you steadily toward your bigger aspirations.

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